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Modern life has led to most of us being less active. It’s easier and more convenient to drive or use public transport, so we don’t walk that much anymore. We have machines that have led to a big reduction in the amount of physical work we have to do at work and in the home. Whilst new technology means that more of us spend extend periods of being inactive.

This inactivity is not good for us in the short or long term. There has been a rise in health related issues, especially when we look at the health of black and minority ethnic (BME) communities. Physical activity and being more active can make a difference, helping you to lead a healthier life, increase your well-being and reduce the risk of major illnesses.

As an organisation Sporting Equals are committed to getting more people active and improving public health. We understand the challenges of introducing messaging and maintaining this approach to diverse communities. Through our work we have witnessed first hand the power and impact that these simple positive changes can have on the health and well being of individuals of all ages from BME backgrounds.

Equally Well aims to promote the ease and long term benefits of a healthy active lifestyle for all. We will tell you about the recommended levels of physical activity and how you can achieve this, other people like you who have an introduced a positive change into their lives, and programmes and activities that you can get involved in.

Above all Equally Well is about the small steps you can take to enhance your overall well-being. 

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