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Department of Health – Responsibility Deal 

“Public health is everyone’s responsibility and there is a role for all of us, working in partnership, to tackle these challenges.”
Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Secretary of State for Health, March 2011

Too many of us are eating too much, drinking too much and not doing enough physical activity.
Creating the right environment can empower and support people to make informed, balanced choices that will help them lead healthier lives.

The Public Health Responsibility Deal aims to tap into the potential for businesses and other influential organisations to make a significant contribution to improving public health by helping us to create this environment.

The Responsibility Deal embodies the Government’s ambition for a more collaborative approach to tackling the challenges caused by our lifestyle choices. The Responsibility Deal was recently awarded a prestigious Civil Service Award for its innovative collaborative work.

Delivering our Inclusion workshop at Richmond House

As Responsibility Deal Partners we are committed to getting more people more active and improving public health. It is really important for us to effectively reach out and engage with all communities and help achieve a step-change in the diversity of people adopting active lifestyles.

Organisations signing up to the Responsibility Deal commit to taking action voluntarily to improve public health through their responsibilities as employers, as well as through their commercial actions and their community activities.

The business community, voluntary sector and non-governmental organisations have already done a great deal to help people achieve a healthier diet, increase their levels of physical activity, drink sensibly and understand the health risks of their lifestyle choices.

Signatories to the Public Health Responsibility Deal will work in support of the following core commitments in relation to their customers and staff, where relevant.

1. We recognise that we have a vital role to play in improving people’s health.
2. We will encourage and enable people to adopt a healthier diet.
3. We will foster a culture of responsible drinking, which will help people to drink within guidelines.
4. We will encourage and assist people to become more physically active.
5. We will actively support our workforce to lead healthier lives.

We organised a workshop to help partners deliver their Physical Activity Inclusion Pledge (Pledge 5)
To view a summary document of the workshop, please click here
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