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Encouraging young people to become physically active

Get Up Get Moving is a unique educational project delivered by our partners the Zesh Rehman Foundation that includes our physical activity ambassador and 1st team doctor of Liverpool FC, Dr Zafar Iqbal, and has successfully engaged teachers and pupils through the presence of Liverpool FC and Get up Get Moving ambassador, Liverpool and England footballer Steven Gerrard.


The pilot took place at Shorefields School in Liverpool and was aimed at 10-11 year old pupils to encourage healthier lifestyles and increased physical activity. Unfortunately, both obesity and lack of physical activity are becoming more prevalent among BME groups than any other, and is at its worst among the target age group of this study.

Get Up Get Moving aims to educate young people about the benefits of physical activity – and the dangers of not doing enough; to explain why nutrition is so important; and to show how and why obesity is increasing among their peers, explaining the serious implication this will have in the future if not addressed at an early age.

The role of Sporting Equals within the project was to support our partners the Zesh Rehman Foundation, to find partners and secure funding for the project to ensure its long term viability.

The programme is delivered in three parts: a Pre-Questionnaire aims to find out the youngsters’ current knowledge of health issues and their activity levels; a series of five 1-hour lessons designed to fill the gaps in their knowledge and highlight the importance of physical activity, lifestyle, nutrition and a healthy diet; and finally, a Post-Questionnaire to find out how much the participants have learned. Dr Zafar Iqbal said,”The key thing is education so we really want all the kids to be aware of what the minimum level of physical activity they need to be doing. Hopefully the kids can also educate their parents as well as the importance of healthy eating.”

Riz Rehaman Operations Manager of the Zesh Rehman Foundation said, “Our partnership and the support of Sporting Equals has been key in delivering the Shorefields School Pilot successfully. Through their relationships they were able to secure involvement and funding from Liverpool PCT, and we look forward to continuing to work together to make a positive impact with young people.

Feedback from the staff involved showed that students overall had a much better general knowledge and understanding of nutrition, the importance of diet and physical activity and both the benefits and negative effect of an imbalance in either.

Sporting Equals are currently working with Liverpool PCT on plans to implement the projects in other schools in Liverpool.

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